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Gerrard: "To take risks on unknown young players is difficult.

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Steven Gerrard says the increasing number of overseas stars competing in the Premier League is making it extremely difficult for young players to get first-team opportunities at leading clubs.
And he stressed that the pressure faced by managers means they are unlikely to give young talent a chance to gain experience at the top level.
The Liverpool skipper told the BBC: "Managers are only ever eight to 10 days away from the sack.
"So to take risks on unknown young players is difficult.
"At Liverpool, (manager) Brendan Rodgers has been fantastic because he's been brave and he's given young players a chance.

"But there's no two ways about it, it's a lot more difficult to break through nowadays because of the standard of players and because there are a lot more foreigners about.
"That's the whole top and bottom of it."

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